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Endless Road: A Look at Nexus Press @ THE CONTEMPORARY

Caitlin Zelinsky

Look at these spectacular books! I'm going to be absolutely honest with you: artists books have completely flown under my radar. And yes, I went to art school. Just in case you have managed to walk this earth without knowing either - allow me to fill you in on these little gems. First off, they aren't printed portfolios or simply 'hand-made books': all were printed and bound at Nexus Press. For 26 years the Nexus Press was a leg of The Contemporary (f.k.a. The Contemporary Arts Center) that printed and published these innovative and highly stylized artist books. From concept to design: the entirety of the book's theme is a congruent thought spread out over multiple mediums.

Created in very low editions, sometimes only one was printed, the rest was shipped off to major art academies and universities all over the world. Just in case you are as enthralled as I am and NEED TO SEE MORE, Emory and SCAD both have extensive collections of artist books here in Atlanta. 

I'm calling on all artists living and working in Atlanta - lets see what YOU come up with! Lets revive this art form and create more of these incredible books. Email me and I will display them right here on the Modern Gallerist!